Where can I participate in an Awareness intensive retreat?
Me enlightened?
Who created this process?
What is a Koan?
Awareness intensives versus Enlightenment intensives retreats.
What is the difference between ‘Who is in?’ and ‘Who am I?’
What is the purpose of the Awareness intensive retreat?
What is a direct experience or direct knowing?
What are the common attributes of a direct experience?
Are there degrees in direct knowing?
Can one describe a direct experience?
A direct experience or... directly experiencing
What is Awareness?
What makes it possible to directly experiencing oneself in an Awareness intensive?
What is the format of an Awareness intensive?
Why a retreat format?
What is the method used to seek this direct knowing?
Why is this method so powerful?
What is a dyad?
The facilitator
Who are these facilitators?
The Awareness Intensive Team – The Assistant role
Are Awareness intensives part of any tradition, movement or cult?
Where are Awareness intensives held?
Can I really get enlightened in just three days?
Am I guaranteed to experience myself directly?
What happens if I experience myself directly?
What happens after you have directly experiencing yourself?
This retreat is in silence, what to do if I have a question or a doubt about what I am doing?
Is there any follow-up support for participants?
Why do it?
What can I gain by taking part in an Awareness intensive?
What participants have said about Awareness intensives retreats.